About Wolf:

Martin “Wolf” Murphy, M.A. (English), RYT has been instructing, facilitating drum circles, and storytelling with the drum for decades. He has incorporated a wide diversity of tribal instruments (as well as found and created ones) into his performances and recordings. He has completed the Remo Health Rhythms Facilitator training; is a Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention Authorized Therapy Provider; and has performed, practiced Sound Healing modalities, and recorded from coast to coast.

He has recently published The Encyclopedia of World Rhythms, Vol. 1 (2013); and is working on The Encyclopedia of World Rhythms, Vol. 2 for release in 2014. . . . More Info


He is a founding member of numerous percussion ensembles including Orlando's Umoja; SHREDD!, and his current project, Flammable Babylon. He has played with Red Shift Mantra; Mizna; Gypsy Caravan and the G.C. Remix Band, The Manteis Project, Chicago Aissawa; Tam Tam Congo, Tam Tam Africa, the Legendary JCs, Liberation 44, and more.

Most recently he completed Shine On Yoga's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and has done numerous workshops incorporating drumming for brainwave entrainment with yogic practice, as well as continuing ongoing vibrational energy cleansings and treatments using instrumentation including rattles, singing bowls, bells, and gongs.

He has studied with master drummers from West Africa, the Congo, the Middle East and more. He has trained on ngoma, djembe, and dunun, as well as Arabic/North African tabla, riqq, and frame drums. He produced, directed, and performed in the award-winning "The Extraordinary Fila" for the 2005–06 Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festivals.

As a P.U.R.E. (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) Drum Faciltator he helped found both the Orlando, FL and Portland, OR chapters. He also founded a "Drums Not Drugs" program in Orlando, FL to present drumming as a community and self-esteem building exercise for at-risk and challenged youth at counseling centers and in various schools.





Wolf would like to thank all of his teachers, especially (in alphabetical order):

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“I know Wolf best as a talented drummer on the djembe. He has hundreds if not thousands of rhythms in his head that he seems to be able to pull out at any given point of time, and he likes to play around with them and even stack them one over another with amazing ability. He thrives on polyrhythmic challenges on both a mental and physical level. His drumming on the djembe is fast and precise. His coordination between left and right, and between hand and foot, is amazing. He has collected so many rhythms from various parts of the world that he's written them down in his first World Rhythms Encyclopedia. To write down these rhythms he created his own notation. People who don't know how to read music are able to read his notation because it doesn't require the knowledge and it's easy to follow. Children also find it quite simple to follow his method of notation.”—Judy Philips, Music Instructor

“I want to thank you again for your presence at our Path to Peace retreat at the Holiday Inn last night. I can't think of a more perfectly aligned soulful experience for our participants and presenters both. Your wisdom and creativity are gifts to the world, and I am so grateful for who you are choosing to be and then so generously sharing that with others.”—Lisa McCormack, Facilitator, Conversations With God Foundation.

“I've taken hand drum lessons with Martin "Wolf" Murphy, and it's always such a blast! I'm always amazed at how quickly I pick up the rhythm under his guidance, and I walk away from our sessions feeling so alive, grounded, centered and happy.  He clearly loves what he does, and I feel like he passes that love on to me every time I work with him.  Thank you so much, Wolf!”—Erica Boucher, Founder, Empath Yoga.

“Greywolf's drum class never fails to fill my spirit with uplifting energy. His knowledge of the African music and culture is remarkable. I never get tired of his story telling when trying to immerse the students inside the wide collection of rhythms we study in class. All types of drummers come to learn (first timer, advanced, children. . .), and no matter what level, through his enthusiastic and encouraging teaching, Greywolf always brings the best out of everybody in the room. We not only learn the different parts of various rhythms, but we play music together, incorporating djun-djuns, bells, clave and any other instruments it calls for. Best of all, his Encyclopedia of World Rhythms is the greatest tool to review lessons and practice at home. I come to class not only to learn to play African drums, but for the great camaraderie, always leaving with an even bigger smile than I had coming in.”—Catherine Witt

"You are amazingly generous with your gifts and bring home not only the joy you find in drumming, but also why it is important. I feel very fortunate to have you as my drum teacher. I can't properly convey in words what the drumming means to me except that it's vital and necessary on so many levels."—Fred Altensee