Is Wolf's fusion of Yogic techniques, asana, and metaphysics into an approach to practice that has a very focused and targeted goal: to rewild our bodies and minds by addressing the specific deficits and structural issues caused by certain civilized living conventions.

Two obvious examples are shoes and chairs.

Our shoes drastically limit the range of motion of the foot itself and the entire apparatus of the ankle. As a direct result we have a tendency to walk in a fashion that can be very damaging and detrimental to our structure: landing heavily on our heels and taking the shock of that impact up through the skeletal structure, potentially harming ankles, knees, hips . . .

Watch the ways animals walk or run, taking their weight on the front of the foot and rolling it through to the back to push forward with each step, and consider what it might feel like to emulate that, and to have that sensation of fluid motion as a focus in the evolution of your practice! We can change our path for the better—by changing our feet!

Chairs likewise have an extraordinarily damaging effect on our posture and core strength:
“There is a part of the muscle in danger of becoming extinct—the psoas minor. It is actually no longer evident in everyone. It stretches from the lumbar spine to the pubic bone and is ideally positioned to lift the pelvis up and forward. Extinction is connected to our sitting habits, which make this muscle's job as a pelvis erector superfluous (the cushion under the bottom takes over the work of lifting). Luckily. lost muscles can be built up again so that the back can be actively relieved.”
—Eric Franklin, Pelvic Power, p. 66

Restoring and integrating our core is a crucial part of regeneratively reconnecting with DNA's plan for our bodies to be an expression of the joy of living. The sensations experienced internalizing as we do this work are the foundation of creating a practice of attentiveness and compassion in our lives. The word wild comes from the same root-word as will, meaning volition or choice, and physiologically the core correlates with will-power.

Reclaim your DNA-given heritage and REWILD!

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